2021| 小學英語高頻句型匯總

2021-03-10 17:21





  1. What’s your name? ----你叫什么名字?

  My name is ________. 我叫……。

  2. How old are you? 你幾歲了?

  l’m 12. 我十二歲。


  1. What colour is it? 它是什么顏色的?

  It’s yellow and white.黃白相間。

  2. What colour are they? 它們是什么顏色的?

  They’re green. 綠色的。


  1. How many kites can yousee? 你可以看見幾只風箏?

  I can see 12. 我可以看見十二只風箏。

  2. How many crayons do youhave? 你有多少支彩筆?

  have 16.我有十六支。

  3.How many people are therein your family? 你家有幾口人?

  Three. 三口人。

  4.How much is this dress?這條連衣裙多少錢?

  It’s ninety-nine yuan. 九十九元。

  5.How much are these apples?這些蘋果多少錢?

  They’re thirty-five yuan. 三十五元。


  1. What time is it now? 現在幾點鐘?

  It’s nine o’clock.It’s time for English class.九點。該上英語課了。

  It’s eight o’clock. It’s time to go to bed. 八點。該上床睡覺了。

  2.What day is it today? 今天星期幾?

  It’s Monday. 星期一。

  3.When is your birthday? 你的生日是什么時候?

  It’s October 1st, ourNational Day. 十月一日,國慶節。

  4.When do you do morningexercises? 你們什么時候做早鍛煉?

  I usually do morning exercises at 8:30. 我們通常8:30做早鍛煉。


  1. Where is my toy car? 我的玩具汽車在哪兒?

  It’s here, under thechair. 在這兒,在椅子下面。

  2.Where is the canteen? 餐廳在哪兒?

  It’s on the first floor 在一樓。

  3. Where are the keys?鑰匙在哪兒?

  They’re in the door. 在門上。

  4.Excuse me. Where is thelibrary, please? 對不起,請問圖書館在哪兒?

  It’s near the postoffice. 在郵局附近。

  5. Where does the rain comefrom? 雨是從哪兒來的?

  It comes from the clouds. 它是從云層里來的。


  1.What would you like forbreakfast / lunch / dinner ?


  I’d like some bread andmilk / rice and soup.


  2.What’s for breakfast / lunch / dinner?早餐/中餐/晚餐吃什么?

  Hamburgers and orangejuice. 漢堡包和橙汁。


  1.What’s the weather like in Beijing?北京的天氣如何?

  It’s rainy today. Howabout New York? 今天是雨天。紐約呢?

  It’s sunny and hot. 今天是晴天,天氣很熱。


  1. How do you feel? 你感覺如何?

  I feel sick. 我覺得不舒服。

  2. What’s the matter? 怎么了?

  My throat is sore. / I have asore throat.我的喉嚨疼。

  3. How are you, Sarah? Youlook so happy. 你好嗎,莎拉?你看起來這么傷心。

  I failed the math test. 我的數學考試沒有通過。


  1.What’s your father / mother? 你的父親 / 母親是做什么的?

  He’s a doctor. / She’s a teacher.他是一名醫生。/ 她是一名教師。

  2.What does your mother /father do? 你的母親 / 父親是做什么的?

  She’s a TV reporter. / He’s ateacher. He teaches English.


  3.Who’s that man / woman?那位男士 / 女士是誰?

  He’s my father. / She’s my mother. 他是我父親。/ 她是我母親。

  4.Who’s this boy / girl?那個男孩兒 / 女孩兒是誰?

  He’s my brother. / She’s my sister.他是我兄弟。/ 她是我姐妹。

  5.Who’s your art teacher?你們的美術老師是誰?

  Miss Wang. 王老師。

  What’s she like? 她長什么樣兒?

  She’s young and thin. 她很年輕、苗條。


  1.What’s your favourite food / drink? 你最喜歡的食物 / 飲料是什么?

  Fish / orange juice. 魚。/ 橙汁。

  2.What’s your favourite season? 你最喜歡的季節是什么?

  Winter. 冬天。

  Which season do you like best?你最喜歡哪個季節?

  Winter. 冬天。

  Why do you like winter? 你為什么喜歡冬天?

  Because I can make a snowman.因為可以堆雪人。

  3. What’s your hobby? 你的愛好是什么?

  I like collecting stamps.我喜歡集郵。

  What’s his hobby? 他的愛好是什么?

  He likes riding a bike. 他喜歡騎自行車。

  4. Do you like peaches? 你喜歡吃桃子嗎?

  Yes, I do. / No, I don’t. 喜歡。/ 不喜歡。


  1. What do you do on Saturdays / on the weekends?

  你星期六 / 周末一般做什么?

  I usually do my homework.Sometimes I play football.



  1. What are you doing? 你在做什么?

  I’m doing the dishes.我在洗盤子。

  2.What’s your father doing? 你父親正在做什么?

  He’s writing an e-mail.他正在寫電子郵件。

  3. What’s Mike doing? 邁克正在干什么?

  He’s watching insects.他正在觀察昆蟲。

  4. What’s the tiger doing? 那只老虎在干什么?

  It’s running. 它在奔跑。

  5. What are the elephantsdoing? 那些大象在干什么?

  They’re drinking. 它們正在喝水。


  1.What are you going to do?你準備做什么?

  I’m going to the cinema.我準備去看電影。

  When are you going to do?你準備什么時候去?

  This afternoon. 今天下午。

  2. Where are you going thisafternoon?今天下午你準備到哪兒去?

  I’m going to thebookstore. 我準備到書店去。

  What are you going to buy?你打算買點兒什么?

  I’m going to buy a comicbook. 我準備買本漫畫書。


  1. Where did you go lastweekend / yesterday / on your holiday?


  I went to Wuhan. 我去了武漢。

  2.How did you go there? 你怎么去的?

  I went by train. 我坐火車去的。

  3. What did you do there? 你在那兒做了些什么?

  I went shopping. 我去購物了。

  Have a nice weekend。周末愉快。

  He lives in the middle ofnowhere. 他離群索居。

  How much? 多少錢?

  I had a wonderful time here. 我在這里度過了難忘的時光。

  I hope you get better soon. 我希望你很快好起來。

  I’m fromAmerica. 我來自美國。

  I’m full.我飽了。

  I’m glad to have met you. 很高興遇到你。

  I’m home.我回來了。

  I’m lost.我迷路了。

  Keep in touch. 保持聯系。

  My treat.我請客。

  Please say hello to your motherfor me。請代我向你母親問好。

  She’s my mother. 她是我的媽媽。

  This is a real hot spot. 這個地區真繁華。

  This place is like a tomb. 這個地區真冷清。

  This place is like a zoo. 這個地方真熱鬧。

  We have a new friend today. 今天我們有一位新朋友。

  Where are you from? 你從哪里來?

  Who’s that woman? 那個女人是誰?

  There be 句式,用來表示某地有某物/某人

  1.There is + 可數名詞的單數(a / an / one...)

  肯定句:There is an elephantin the zoo.

  否定句:There isn't anelephant in the zoo.

  一般疑問句:Is there an elephantin the zoo?

  肯定回答:Yes,there is.

  否定回答:No,there isn't.

  2.There is + some 不可數名詞

  肯定句:There is some cake onthe plate.

  否定句:There isn't any cakeon the plate.(注意:否定句和疑問句中some變為any)

  一般疑問句:Is there any cake onthe plate?

  肯定回答:Yes,there is.

  否定回答:No,there isn't.

  劃線部分提問: What's on the plate?

  3.There are + 可數名詞的復數形式(含有some)

  肯定句:There are some flowersin the garden.

  否定句:There aren't anyflowers in the garden.

  一般疑問句:Are there any flowersin the garden?

  肯定回答:Yes,there are.

  否定回答:No,there aren't.

  劃線部分提問: What's in the garden?

  4.There are + 可數名詞的復數形式(含有數字)

  肯定句:There are five flowersin the vase.

  否定句:There aren't fiveflowers in the vase.

  一般疑問句:Are there five flowersin the vase?

  肯定回答:Yes,there are.

  否定回答:No,there aren't.

  5.There is + 量詞 是把不可數名詞轉換成可數的有效手段

  肯定句:There is a cup of teaon the table .

  改為復數句:There are two cups oftea on the table.(三變:is---are,a---two,cup---cups)


  There is a boy in the classroom.

  劃線部分提問:Who's in the classroom?(不能用What's in theclassroom?)

  There are twenty boys in the classroom.

  劃線部分提問:Who's in the classroom?


  There is a pencil and some booksin my bag.

  There are some books and a pencil in my bag.

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